Dineega Specialty Furs

Custom Sea Otter, Seal, and Sea Lion fur clothing and art by Diana Riedel

Dineega Furs is an Alaskan Native owned family business that specializes in professionally made garments and artwork made from seal, sea otter, and sea lion furs. My mother, Monica Riedel started Dineega Furs with a pair of baby booties for me, and then kept adding new products. She began teaching me skin sewing at the age of seven.

Skin sewing is an art, as well as a necessity, that has been passed from generation to generation in our family. Monica learned this art from her grandmother Lizzy Semaken. Lizzy handmade all of her family's fur garments to protect them in the Alaskan climate.

Today Dineega Furs uses a mix of traditional and contemporary materials and patterns with the cultural values and beliefs passed down to us. We respect our resources and practice subsistence, non-wasteful take, as well as exceptional quality in our products. I hope you like the artwork and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for looking!

Lizzy and Big George Semaken with two of their thirteen children. Photo taken in 1910 in Kaltag, Alaska. Lizzy handmade all the fur clothing for her family