Dineega Specialty Furs

Custom Sea Otter, Seal, and Sea Lion fur clothing and art by Diana Riedel

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Seaotter headband/scarf

Seaotter headband /scarf 22" small, 23" medium, and 24" large. Seaotter fur, ultrasuede backing, and velcro closure for ability to be adjusted. 

Seaotter headband scarf

Seal and Seaotter baby booties

Size small seal and seaotter baby booties. Fits around 3 to 9 months old. 

Seal and seaotter baby booties

Seal fur necklace

Seal fur set in silver necklace. 

Seal fur necklace

Seal fur earrings 

Seal fur earrings. Small lightweight earrings.

Seal fur round earrings